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Journal without limits.

Simple. Personal. Limitless.

Jot is a place for your thoughts, musings and more. Write without distractions — from any device.

Practice mindfulness and stay connected to you with Jot. One platform for all your journaling — work, personal, or creative — create entries anywhere.

We're dealing with big changes to our lives and the world. Journaling has been scientifically proven helps reduce stress, anxiety, and depression… at a time when we need it most.

All the benefits of journaling, with features paper journals can’t match. Access from any device, search, auto-organize, and more.

Anyone can journal and get benefits:

Calm your mind
Remember significant days, events, and moments in your life
Practice mindfulnes
Better manage your emotions and behavior
Capture thoughts, goals, and meeting notes in one place

We wanted a more sustainable, easier way to journal consistently. Physical journals, Google Docs, and notes are great places to record ideas and thoughts.

But they can be cumbersome or complicated to use. If you want a simpler way to journal, where do you go?

We designed Jot to be the most powerful journal in the world, without compromising simplicity. Connect thoughts, travel back in time to see your past thoughts. Keep your mind clutter-free (without getting overwhelmed with technology).

Free your mind and energy to focus on what you value

Create new journal entries — or pick back up on old ones.

Search your entries while all your thoughts and links are auto-organized for you.

Use Jot Safely and Securely:

No Facebook or marketing scripts
No email tracking pixels or links
No selling or sharing your data with external third parties

Journal without limits